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About Us

We want to tell you right away who we are not… we are not your traditional web/marketing agency. Our expertise is 100% Amazon and we focus all our efforts on growing our clients’ brands on the Amazon marketplaces.

Skalebid was born from the intuition of ex-Amazon managers. Our experience teaches us that Amazon can be a very important showcase for brands that want to build a solid online presence. However, jumping into the marketplace without adequate knowledge can prove to be a fatal mistake. Over the years we have seen sellers and vendors that relied on expensive ”digital agencies” and ”strategic” consultants end up wasting time and resources. Amazon has its own specific and peculiar dynamics that need to be understood in depth before being able to plan and implement effective sales strategies.

Our team has an in-depth knowledge of the Amazon’s search algorithm, we are experts in the creation, management and optimization of marketing campaigns and in all complementary services aimed at increasing sales. If you are looking for a team of experienced and proficient consultants on which to rely to grow your brand on Amazon, we are sure to be your ideal partner.

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