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Grow and optimize your brand's presence on Amazon by relying on an experienced and trustworthy partner.

Skalebid is an innovative company specialized in the Amazon ecosystem, founded by ex-Amazonians. We are committed to guiding brands through the design and implementation of personalized strategies aimed at achieving success on Amazon.

Why is it no longer possible to
ignore Amazon?

Amazon is both the online platform to refer to when buying online and the starting point for most users in the preliminary phase of product information research. 55% of consumers rely on Amazon for their first product search, compared to 28% of consumers who prefer search engines and only 16% who choose retailers. In addition, 90% of online users who want to make a purchase, carry out a search on Amazon even if they have already found the product they need.

It is therefore obvious that having an effective Amazon strategy becomes crucial for all brands. Amazon offers great opportunities but at the same time embeds pitfalls that can turn out to be costly for those brands that enter the marketplace without proper knowledge and guidance.

At Skalebid we have years of experience working with the Amazon ”A9” search algorithm and we are experts in the creation and management of marketing campaigns. We are also specialized in the optimization of product detail pages and in all complementary services aimed at increasing conversion rates and sales for our brand partners.

We are thus a reliable partner for:

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that best suits your needs.

We like to be transparent: we know that navigating Amazon can be complex. We do everything in our power to guide you through Amazon by creating customized solutions and strategies that meet your brand’s needs while simultaneously streamlining your daily tasks.

Our Services

360° Consulting

We have a transversal knowledge of the Amazon world. We are able to provide you with targeted consulting services, in line with your brand’s needs.

Brand Management

We always put your brand at the heart of all our activities. We work closely with your team to convey your brand values on Amazon.

Content Optimization

We know how to optimize your product catalog. Whether it is images, text, keywords or A+ pages, we always have the most suitable solution.

Amazon Advertising

Give visibility to your products through advertising on Amazon. We support you in the creation and management of your marketing campaigns.

Amazon Training

We train your team and make your staff proficient in the management of seller/vendor central. Thanks to our trainings, you will have a team ready to manage every aspect of the Amazon world.


Should you use your own logistics to ship products to Amazon customers or is it better to outsource the whole process ? We help you find the most efficient and profitable solution.

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use our help, contact us!