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  • Competitive analysis of your brand on Amazon: positioning, market share, growth opportunities, brand awareness
  • Development of a strategic plan to launch on Amazon: choice between Vendor (1P) vs. Seller (3P) programs, selection of relevant products, marketing plan, estimate of required investment and expected return, strategic and operational roadmap draft
  • Logistics plan: we identify products to manage through FBA, Seller-Fulfilled Prime, or in-house to maximize ROI
  • Expansion into new marketplaces: brand expansion strategy on Amazon EU and extra-EU marketplaces to increase customer reach and revenue
  • Tailored Strategy & Operational Consultation: we listen to your needs and provide targeted consultation to address any operational or strategic issue you’ve encountered on Amazon


  • Product listing optimization: we draft new detail pages or optimize your existing ones by working on images, titles, descriptions, keywords, etc., to increase product views and conversions
  • Amazon SEO: We use third-party software in combination with Amazon Advertising and Brand Registry data to research relevant keywords for your products. We develop a targeted SEO strategy to improve your product indexing and increase brand visibility
  • Store / A+ Pages: We create advanced content to optimize your brand identity on Amazon. We develop A+ pages and Brand Stores that reflect your brand's style


  • We provide detailed analysis and reports on the performance of your PPC campaigns (if present)
  • Creation of campaigns Sponsored Product, Sponsored Brand and Sponsored Display
  • Optimization of existing campaigns and creation of new ones to increase traffic and maximize sales
  • Regular maintenance of bids and budgets to balance investment, sales, and profitability
  • Scheduled reporting to monitor campaign status, spend, sales, ROI


Allow us to handle all strategic and operational facets of your Seller Central or Vendor Central account so that we can maximize your sales. We take care of everything::

  • Strategic and Operational Roadmap
  • Creation of new listings and optimization of existing ones (text, keywords, images)
  • Creation of advanced content (A+ pages), Brand Store, and Brand Story
  • Creation of advertising campaigns: Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Display
  • Development of marketing campaigns: Discount Coupons, Promotions, Deals, Vine
  • Planning for Amazon key events: Prime Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday
  • Customer Support and Reviews Management
  • Brand Protection: Brand Registry set-up, catalog monitoring, Buy Box monitoring, unauthorized seller tracking


If you want your in-house team to run your Amazon sales, you need to make sure that your staff is well-trained and ready to take on the challenge.

We offer training sessions during which our consultants will educate your team about the Amazon ecosystem. Based on your goals and needs, we will agree on the agenda for the training.

At the end of the workshops, your team will be fully equipped to effectively manage your brand on Amazon.

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