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Our Services

360° Consulting

  • Competitive analysis of your brand on Amazon: positioning compared to competitors, market share, growth opportunities, brand awareness.

  • Strategic plan in preparation for brand launch on Amazon: 1P (vendor) vs 3P (seller) program, identification of relevant products, marketing plan, budget and expected ROI, logistics management.

  • Creation of logistic plan to maximize ROI: identification of products to be managed through FBA, in-house, third party services.

  • Development of brand expansion strategy on Amazon EU and extra-EU marketplaces.

  • General strategic sessions: we listen to your requirements and find the most suitable solution that meets your needs.

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Brand & Content Optimization

  • Product detail page optimization: we transform your detail pages by working on images, titles, descriptions, keywords, etc. to boost your brand awareness, market share and conversion rates.

  • Amazon SEO: ''A9'' is the algorithm behind Amazon search. We use third-party software to search for keywords relevant to your products in combination with Amazon advertising data to develop a targeted SEO strategy that provides visibility to your brand.

  • Advanced content creation: we develop A+ and Enhanced Brand Content pages to optimize your brand identity on Amazon.

  • User reviews and feedback management: we use third-party software to create personalized emails to send to your Amazon customers and we make sure their shopping experience is awesome. This helps to create positive product reviews while mitigating negative ones.

Amazon Advertising

Amazon has several options you can use to advertise your products. With the right know-how, Amazon advertising campaigns can provide visibility and a competitive advantage to your brand. Skalebid guides you in choosing the optimal marketing strategy from Sponsored Products, Headline Search Ads, Sponsored Display Ad and Video Ads. We create effective campaigns for your products and optimize them in real time to ensure you achieve your sales goals. You can always track the performance and profitability of your campaigns through the detailed reports we provide.

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Skalebid guides you in choosing the most appropriate logistics solution for selling your products on Amazon. Our consultants are experts in the packaging and fulfilment requirements of the Amazon warehouses and are ready to assist you in managing shipments for the vendor (1P) and FBA (3P) programs. You can also rely on us for the end to end management of your Amazon sales and let Skalebid take care of the logistics. In this case, simply send the products to our warehouse and we will take care of the pick, pack and ship to Amazon (1P or FBA) or directly to the end customer (MFN).

Amazon Training

One of our most popular services is the end to end management of our clients’ Amazon accounts, but if you prefer keeping your Amazon business in-house, you need to make sure that your staff is well trained and prepared for the challenge. We offer training days during which our consultants train your staff on the Amazon ecosystem. Depending on your goals, we will agree on the topics to be covered during the training sessions. We guarantee that by the end of the workshop, your staff will be ready to manage your Amazon business proficiently.